Hörbild (since 1995)

Sound-spaceObject with an 11-parted loudspeaker ensemble
spatial sound compositions see list
Stand-alone, monochrome object
made of wood and steel L 546 x H 247 x T 45 cm with an integrated 11-channel audio system

HÖRBILD, Sound-spaceObject

Berlin, Klanggalerie des SFB 1995 Berlin, Klanggalerie des SFB 1995 Berlin, Klanggalerie des SFB 1995

First exhibition: Berlin, Klanggalerie des SFB (Sender freies Berlin) 1995
Since 2009, Bern University of the Arts (CH), permanent loan

Interview: video

The Sound-spaceObject Hörbild was developed in 1994/95 in the context of the work series TopoPhonien. This art work is special within the cycle TopoPhonien because in its case, the loudspeakers are not distributed over the entire architectonic space.

The configuration of eleven loudspeakers is integrated into a monochromous sound wall giving rise to a blackboard-like object. The loudspeaker matrix takes on the shape of a sign of infinity. But the sound does not only move on the track of this infinite loop, rather, the loudspeaker tableau is turned into a territory, a structure where sound may expand, densify, evaporate and return to consistency.

Sound compositions for the Sound-spaceObject Hörbild:

Sabine Schäfer: MicroSonic Spaces (2015) Premiere Symposium on SoundArt HKB Bern (CH) 2015

Sabine Schäfer: Cycle of Sound (1997) Premiere 5. Acustica International / MusikTriennale Cologne 1997

<sabine schäfer // joachim krebs>: Tableau I – III (1995) Premiere Berlin Festival Weeks 1995

Sabine Schäfer: TopoPhonicAmbience No.1 (1995) Premiere “Klanggalerie des SFB” (Sender Freies Berlin) 1995

Joachim Krebs: Artificial Soundscape No.1 (1995) Premiere “Klanggalerie des SFB“ (Sender Freies Berlin) 1995