Sabine Schäfer

MicroSonic Brightness, 2019

Insects – The global natives

GEDOK-Forum Karlsruhe, 7.02.-8.03.2020
Exhibition “Wahr-nehmungen” (group exhibition) in the context of the Art Weeks for Climate Protection

Installation with sound compositions, insect preparations and texts by Sabine Stern
in cooperation with the Natural History Museum Karlsruhe (SMNK)

Tierexponate aus: Insekten – Die globalen Ureinwohner, 2019

Schallüberträger auf dem Schaufenster aus: Insekten – Die globalen Ureinwohner, 2019

Insects have existed on our planet for millions of years, including the large family of (hay) hornets, whose species are distributed worldwide. Across cultures and continents, chirping is known as a transcultural language, so to speak. By stretching the sound, the sound microcosm of chirping becomes audible. The composed sound microscopies become audible through sound transmitters, so-called transducers, which stick to the gallery shop window, through the glass pane on the street as well as in the gallery space.

An animal exhibit showcase of the Museum of Natural History shows (hay) terrors, whose sound microcosm can be heard on the glass pane.

Sabine Stern’s own texts contextualize the ensemble and can be heard via QR codes on the installation.

Further information

PDF-Broschüre „Kunstwochen für Klimaschutz“