Soundscape for the public space

31.07. – 11.08.2021

Darmstadt, Park Rosenhöhe, Sämlings-Blutbuche
Standort Maps: 49°52´38.34”N 8°40´37.48”E

Bildergalerie ansehen:

Darmstadt, Park Rosenhöhe, Sämlings-Blutbuche, Foto: Marc Behrens

Touching Sounds, Hör-Panel Nr. 16 „Audio Biospheres Yellow – Sabine Schäfer” Foto: Marc Behrens

Touching Sounds, Hörsituationen im öffentlichen Raum, Darmstadt, 31.07.-11.08.2021, Foto: Marc Behrens

Sounds of nature and the animal world touch all people. They are “understood” interculturally and are deeply anchored in the human subconscious. Perceiving living beings and nature from a different perspective expands our horizons of perception. Above the resonance space of sound-aesthetically designed, slowed-down and layered insect choruses, the strongly slowed-down and artfully modulating voice of a songbird rises. Which bird? – It doesn’t matter! The song becomes a “pure” line, a “pure” rhythm.

Listening situations in public spaces

Sound art project of the DEGEM
In the context of the Internationalen Ferienkurse Darmstadt
Curators Kirsten Reese and Marc Behrends

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