Artists:                               Sabine Schäfer (Karlsruhe) / Rosemarie Vollmer (Gondelsheim)
Title:                                   Natura Sonus # 1 – #3, 2022
Subtitle:                             Glass-sound-objects from the work series Sound Drawings in Space

Material:                           Glass, wood, audio technology
Audio material:                Composed sound microscopies of bat voices
Dimensions:                     184,5 cm x 67 cm x 30 cm

The objects can be operated without being connected to the mains, as the playback technology has an integrated rechargeable battery.

The sound can be switched on and off via the toggle switch.

All objects are unique.

Sabine Schäfer:                media artist, composer
Rosemarie Vollmer:        visual artist, painting, sculpture, glass art

The artists have been working on collaborative series of works since 2020:
“Dialogische Übermalungen” with augmented reality
“Klangzeichnungen im Raum” with glass facades and objects for sound reproduction

The thematic discourse of the two artists lies in the current context of climate change and the Corona pandemic. Artistically, the bat is thematised as a symbol of the endangered biodiversity in nature as well as the intertwining and compression of our world: the world of animal life and the world of humans, who ultimately threaten the space for both by advancing into their natural habitats.



Sabine Schäfer
Mobile: +49 (0)1525 – 2187201

Rosemarie Vollmer
Mobile: +49 (0)171 – 4062408


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