Sabine Schäfer / Rosemarie Vollmer

Digital and analog sound and image worlds

Gallery of the city of Tuttlingen
14.01. – 19.02.2023

Collaborative works and solo works

Invitation card

Introductory speech Clemens Ottnad, art historian, managing director of the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg

The media artist and composer Sabine Schäfer and the visual artist Rosemarie Vollmer have been working on joint series of works since 2020. The exhibition shows solo works by the artists as well as current installations and images from their joint oeuvre.

Analog and digital art form walk-through, immersive spatial installations and synergistically merge traditional painting and media-art applications of augmented reality into authentic works of art, as in their series of works “Dialogical Overpaintings.”

On the upper floor of the gallery, the audiovisual installation “Bats’n’Insects Version Städt. Galerie Tuttlingen” is presented. A work from the joint series of works “Sound Drawings in Space”.

Composed sound microscopes of bats and insects move across a walkable ensemble of glass sound objects distributed throughout the space. The sandblasted glass panes function as a sound reproduction medium through which the sounds become audible.

On the lower floor of the gallery, interactive graphics by Sabine Schäfer are combined with sewing drawings and the installation “Cohort” by Rosemarie Vollmer.

The thematic examination of the two artists lies in the current context of climate change and the Corona pandemic. Artistically thematized is the bat as a symbol carrier for the threatened biodiversity in nature as well as the intertwining and compression of our world: the world of animal life and the world of humans, who ultimately threaten the space for both with their encroachment into their natural habitats.