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1.05 – 6.06.2021 Europa, so fern und doch so nah!

An exhibition of the GEDOK Karlsruhe
and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission
in cooperation with the ZKM
in the context of the 25th European Cultural Days “Europe – a Promise”.
with the premiere of
Sabine Schäfer’s new audiovisual installation “Europa – so nah, so fern”.

ZKM | Karlsruhe, Musikbalkon, Lorenzstr. 19, 76135 Karlsruhe

Sa. 1.05. – So. 6.06.2021
Opening Hours: Mi-Fr 10-18 Uhr / Sa, So 11-18 Uhr
Current Information: oder telefonisch unter 0721 / 8100 1200
From 3.05.2021 online presentation of the introduction by curator Dr. Annette Hünnekens (GEDOK) and video clips on the exhibits on:

GEDOK Karlsruhe:
EKT-page of the City of Karlsruhe:
Bildergalerie ansehen:

Ausstellung „Europa, so fern und doch so nah“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Ausstellung „Europa, so fern und doch so nah“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Roberto Barni, „Safe Steps“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Sabine Schäfer, „EUROPA – so nah, so fern“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Sabine Schäfer, „EUROPA – so nah, so fern“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Peter Hide 311065, „Skully An Flowers Tank“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Sabine Schäfer, „EUROPA – so nah, so fern“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Paola Ravasio, „Germinate“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Ausstellung „Europa, so fern und doch so nah“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Fabrizio Plessi, „Liquid Water“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Sabine Schäfer, „FRAGIL“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Sabine Schäfer, „FRAGIL“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

Sabine Schäfer, „FRAGIL“, Foto: Sabine Schäfer

On the occasion of the European Culture Days, GEDOK Karlsruhe is a guest at the ZKM | Karlsruhe together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the joint research center for Europe. One of the currently most important issues is to reconcile the goals of environmental and climate protection and the energy turnaround, i.e. the associated safe dismantling of nuclear energy, with the increasing energy requirements of Europe’s digitalization. The exhibition focuses on the enormous challenge and addresses the approaches to solving these contradictory objectives. With a total of seven exhibits, the exhibition condenses the current positions in each case and, seen together, clarifies the global situation.

Europa, so fern und doch so nah
The new commissioned work “Europa – so nah, so fern”, created for this occasion by Sabine Schäfer, will be shown for the first time in the exhibition. The two-part audiovisual work is interactive. The backlit glass panels of the free-standing object show satellite images of continental views and capitals of the European Union at night, alongside a trio of music stands with audio QR code panels. Using a free image-scanning app, animated videos and sound compositions can be accessed via QR code.

The audiovisualle Installation Fragil by Sabine Schäfer is a further development of the SEM light image gallery „MicroSonical Shining Biospheres No.1“  by the artist dou of <SAJO> Sabine Schäfer / Joachim Krebs.

The artist’s two works use audiovisual experiences to open up a broader field of tension between energy supply, its achievements and prices

Art Spaces
The Joint Research Centre of Europe presents five works from its collection “Art Spaces”, whose common denominator is a barrel typical of the disposal of radioactive material, which has served as a starting point for renowned artists in their reflections and comments on the theme of responsible energy supply, which also includes thoughts of disposal. Works by Fabrizio Plessi, Raphael de Vittori Reizel, Paola Ravasio, Roberto Barni and Peter Hide 311065 will be shown.

More Information:
Projektpage of the ZKM: mehr…
Projektpage of the GEDOK: mehr..



04.12 – 20.12.2020 Inside / Insight – Out

Video installation
projekt3drei presents Sophia Hünnekens

GEDOK Female Artists Forum, Karlsruhe
Shop windows facing Markgrafenstrasse and Fritz-Erler-Strasse

Fri 4.12. – Sun 20.12.2020
Presentation for public space: Mon to Sun 16 – 22 o’clock

Curators: projekt3drei with Annette Hünnekens and Sabine Schäfer



Large-scale video projections of artworks by GEDOK artists, exposed to the “second glance”.

The video installation can be visited in front of the GEDOK as well as on the GEDOK homepage.

This year’s SPECIAL PRESENTATION will feature video clips by aspiring photo designer Sophia Hünnekens, projected in a loop as a large-scale projection onto various interior surfaces of the GEDOK. They present to the outside viewer a selection of photographically captured artworks by GEDOK artists that have been exposed to the young “digital second glance.” It can be clearly seen which inner dimension and system logic the respective artwork follows, what holds it together inside.

View image gallery:

Inside / Insight – Out, GEDOK Künstlerinnenforum Karlsruhe, Foto: Anna-Maria Letsch


‘projekt3drei’ is a conceptual international project of the specialist group “Photography/ Media Art” and was founded in 2014 by the artists Astrid Hansen, Birgit Spahlinger and Katrin Eschenberg. This year, the group has expanded to include Sabine Schäfer and Ina Annette Hünnekens.

With this year’s special presentation of ‘projekt3drei’, GEDOK is simultaneously launching its support program for young, aspiring female artists.

No special event is planned for the opening of the presentation. The video installation can be visited in front of the GEDOK. The art videos of Sophia Hünnekens can also be experienced on the homepage of GEDOK Karlsruhe from the beginning of the exhibition on December 4.

Project page of the GEDOK mehr…

12.08. – 30.08.2020 Kunst(p)artikel – Art during emergency

Installation at the female artists forum GEDOK Karlsruhe

media art, installation, video

Ina Annette Hünnekens, Astrid Hansen, Birgit Spahlinger,

Sabine Schäfer and Sophia Hünnekens

A project of the Photography/Media Art Department of GEDOK Karlsruhe

See gallery:

KUNST(P)ARTIKEL, GEDOK Karlsruhe, Foto: Einladungskarte, Sabine Schäfer

Location: Markgrafenstr.14, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

Opening hours: Presentation for public space – can be seen daily around the clock!

Vernissage: Tue, 11.08.2020, 8 p.m.

Introduction: Dr. Ina Annette Hünnekens, The vernissage will take place outdoors.



The exhibition project:

GEDOK shows itself in a state of cultural emergency, which means above all: keep your distance. The gallery space remains closed and is, as it were, turned inside out. A camouflage screen with peepholes, so-called “viewing chambers,” prevents the viewer from entering the gallery and only allows glimpses of interior projections and art videos that arouse curiosity about the artistic potential. The role of the usual viewer is changed: instead of an exhibition audience, we are now dealing with an audience of flaneurs and voyeurs. Thus we refer not only to the changed role of the viewer and the exhibition, but also to the object of the exhibition.

Chambers of vision

In four viewing chambers, the arts – with image, video and text materials from GEDOK Karlsruhe art projects – are presented in their four dimensions using digital means.

Two further chambers of vision reflect aspects and conditions for art and its reception using analog means of observation:

One chamber focuses on the dialectical multidimensionality of the arts – with image, video, and text materials from GEDOK Karlsruhe’s art project “Six New Ones” – while the other chamber focuses on the transcendental conditions for art using analog techniques of observation.

Visual chamber 1-D: writings, notations and instruments
Visual Chambers 2-D and 3-D: Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Photography / Media Art
visual chambers 4-D: media art, music
Visual chamber “six new
Viewing Chamber “With Distance | H Time Out

Translated with (free version)

Concept: Astrid Hansen, Annette Hünnekens, Sabine Schäfer, Birgit Spahlinger
Curators visual chamber 1-D to 4-D: Annette and Sophia Hünnekens, Sabine Schäfer
Video production: Astrid Hansen, Sophia Hünnekens, Birgit Spahlinger
Technology: Jean-Michel Dejasmin, Johannes Thimm, Naoko Okamoto, Sebastian Nagel, Christof Zimmermann, Fa. ICON
Organization: Sabine Schäfer, Vanessa Schwill (assistance)
Further credits: see project page on

Female artists of the photography/media art department; guest: Sophia Hünnekens
Astrid Hansen, artist, deputy advisory board member,
Ina Annette Hünnekens, artist, media art scholar, curator,
Sophia Hünnekens, prospective student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences for Photography
Sabine Schäfer, artist, deputy advisory board member,
Birgit Spahlinger, artist, chairwoman of the advisory board,

More Information

Sponsored by:

Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the State of Baden-Württemberg
Cultural Office, Cultural Office of the City of Karlsruhe

Technical support, with friendly assistance:

Fa. ICON, trade fair and exhibition design


7.02. – 8.03.2020 Art weeks for climate protection

in the artists’ forum GEDOK Karlsruhe as exhibition and action space
as well as in the urban and media space
for the Ida Dehmel anniversary year of the Federal GEDOK 2020
under the federal GEDOK motto “Women Artists for the Future
organized by GEDOK Karlsruhe
in cooperation with the climate campaign of the city of Karlsruhe

Exhibition and media presentations in the GEDOK Forum, concert,
Installation in urban space, reading, lectures,
sustainability walk, cinema visit.
Project management, concept, curatorial work:
Sabine Schäfer, Dorothee Schabert, Katalin Moldvay (co-curator exhibition).

PDF Programmbroschüre

Opening of the Art Weeks: Fri. Feb. 7, 7 p.m.
Welcome and introduction: Dorothee Schabert and Sabine Schäfer
Greeting: , Environmental Office of the City of Karlsruhe
Musical contributions: Eszter Hernadi, clarinet
Duration: Fri. 7.2. to Sun. 8.3.
Opening hours GEDOK Forum: Wed – Sun 15-19 h
For further opening hours, dates and venues of the event program see list at the end of this press release

Finissage on International Women’s Day: 8.3., 11-15 h
Appreciation: Bettina Lisbach, Mayoress
Review and outlook: Sabine Schäfer and Dorothee Schabert
Reading: Vera Morelli Women literati in the “Third Reich” – against intellectual pollution in Nazi fascism
Vegan brunch buffet
Please find the event overview below.

Exhibition / Event Venue:
GEDOK Künstlerinnenforum, Markgrafenstr.14 (corner Fritz-Erler-Str.), 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany.
and other venues of the partners of the accompanying program

Admission free

Art weeks for climate protection

Extinction of species. Climate change. We do not want to look on in helpless horror. But what can art do against the poisoning of our soils, against the pollutant emissions of misguided traffic, against the plundering of our planet’s resources? Against profit thinking in the traditional manner. For a turn away from comfortable habits to mindfulness towards the environment and fellow human beings?

Art appeals to both the intellect and the emotions. Art can create consternation where arguments fall flat. Art can make concrete what scientists theoretically recognize and present. Mindfulness requires perception. And only what we perceive, we will appreciate; only what we love, we will protect. Art perceives and lets perceive. Sensitively, precisely. With ever new ways of seeing, art releases colors, forms, sounds, words from their usual context and creates new unsuspected connections and references. It presents unexpected scenarios that lie dormant in things, as long as we only use our imagination. It thus shows that our environment can be influenced and changed. This is how art makes critical remarks. This is how political interventions succeed. Plastic waste draped in sculpture; plants in the dungeon of urban grids; birdsong drowned out by traffic noise; islands of quiet listening in the din of the city.

Many contribute to our “Art Weeks for Climate Protection”. Visual artists, writers, musicians, artists of the applied and performing arts. We cooperate with the environmental office of the city of Karlsruhe and several local environmental initiatives, which contribute accompanying events.

Sabine Schäfer, Dorothee Schabert, Project Managers


Event Overview:

Fri. 7.2 – Fri. 21.2, 8.00 – 18.00
Foyer of the city hall at the market place, Karl-Friedrich-Str.10, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
“Listening opportunity” listening couch with soundscapes

Fri. 7.2.2020, 19.00, GEDOK Forum
Vernissage and opening of the art week

Sat. 8.2. – Sun. 8.3., Wed. – Sun., 15.00 – 19.00, GEDOK Forum
Exhibition “Wahr-nehmungen

Sat 8.2.- Sun 8.3., Wed – Sun, 15.00 – 22.00, GEDOK Forum
Video projections of art projects and Schlosslichtspiele film “Our Only Blue One”.
“Outside Effect” – Media Presentation

Tue 11.2, 18.00, GEDOK Forum
Lecture Dr. Joachim Nitsch: Effects of Climate Change – Tasks for Politics and Citizens

Sat 15.2, 15.00 Meeting point: Schloss Gottesaue bus stop
Sustainability walk with ITAS and stattreisen e.V.

Tue 18.2, 18.00, GEDOK Forum
Lecture Dr. Manfred Verhaagh/Sabine Schäfer: On the Artful Sound of Horrors
Biological presentation and sound art

Thu Feb 20, 19.00, Weltladen, Kronenstr. 21, 76133 Karlsruhe, Germany
Lecture Ingeborg Punjiula M.A.: What does fair trade have to do with climate protection?

Sun 23.2., 11.00, GEDOK Forum
Reading Karin Bruder, Franziska Joachim, Sabine Stern, musically accompanied by Rita Huber-Süß
Thoughts on climate, environment and the elements

Tue Feb 25 – Thu Mar 5, Tue – Thu, 2.00 – 6.00 p.m., Zukunftsraum, Rintheimer Str. 46, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany
“Listening opportunities” Listening couch with soundscapes

Wed 2/26 – Sun 3/1, GEDOK Forum
Guest week of the Bern University of the Arts (HKB)

Wed 26.2., 18.00, GEDOK Forum
Lecture Prof. Dr. Teresa Carrasco: Bioacoustics, composition, sound design

Sat 29.2., 19.00, Musen-Tempel, Hardtstr. 37a, 76185 Karlsruhe
Concert “Klima-Musiken”, including: Performance TanzTheater Gabriela Lang

Tue 3.3. 18.00, GEDOK Forum
Lecture Prof. em. Dr. Götz Großklaus: On the history of the perception of nature in literature and painting

Wed 4.3 18.00, lecture room/Exotenhaus, access via Ettlinger Str. 4a, 76137 Karlsruhe
Lecture Dr. Clemens Becker: The Zoo as a Center for the Protection of Species: How we support projects worldwide

Thu 5.3 18.30, Schauburg cinema, Marienstr.16, 76137 Karlsruhe
Film evening “2040 – We save the world!”
From 17.30, parcours and book table with information about the urban climate campaign.

Sun 8.3 11.00 – 15.00, GEDOK Forum
Finissage on International Women’s Day with vegan brunch buffet

With the support of the City of Karlsruhe, Sparkasse Karlsruhe and Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

Further information on:

08.03.2019 – 08.06.2019 Luminous SOUND – Sounding LIGHT

The composer and media artist Joachim Krebs (1952-2013)
Baden State Library Karlsruhe (BLB)
Exhibition and accompanying program
Curators: Sabine Schäfer, Stefanie Steiner-Grage, Markus Stange (accompanying program)

More about the exhibition
Virtual exhibition catalog

5/14/2019 SU, 5:00 p.m. Concert and tour
16.5.2019 Talk concert
5/24/2019 ZKM Karlsruhe, concert
25.05.2019 BLB, guided tour
7.06.2019 BLB, concert

8.03.2019- 08.06.2019 Interaktive Installation „SCALED“
More about SCALED


13.01. – 11.02.2018 WHY KNOT? Rhizome – Connection – Icon

Media art exhibition with accompanying program
Curators: Annette Hünnekens, Sabine Schäfer, Paul Modler (accompanying program)

Female artists forum GEDOK Karlsruhe

To the Exhibition